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Flat Rate Pricing

All of our services are set at a flat rate and can be combined to fit your project’s needs. Contact us to create a customized service package that’s right for you and your budget.

Development Services


This flat rate is applicable to all requests concerning

  • Website Development
  • Web Application Development
  • Website Audit & Analysis
  • Website Migration

Site maintenance not covered under any prepaid plan will also be subject to a $105/hour rate. Further website maintenance and hosting services may incur additional charges.

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Maintenance Services

$85/Hour With Annual Retainer Agreement (24 Hour Minimum Per Website)

$105/Hour Pay As You Go

+ $500 Mandatory One-Time Shibboleth/CAS Implementation Fee
  • Provides regular security updates and support
  • WordPress or Drupal 7/8 CMS-based websites only
  • Sites MUST be hosted on Pantheon to be eligible

Sites not covered under the Annual Retainer Agreement will also be subject to a $100/Year administrative fee.

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Website Template

$1700 Flat Fee

+ Applicable monthly Pantheon hosting fees
+ $85/Hour Maintenance Plan with Annual Retainer Agreement  (24 Hour Minimum)
  • Standard Rutgers site template with predetermined features
  • Includes 2 hours of consulting services
  • Sites MUST be hosted on Pantheon and covered by a WCS maintenance plan

Additional consulting hours or features development will be subject to a $105/hour rate.

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Pantheon Hosting Fees

+ $200 Mandatory One-Time Pantheon Setup Fee

We have several hosting plans available through Pantheon at a specialized rate. Check the table below to find the best one for you and your site’s level of monthly traffic.

Self-Service Hosting

Pantheon hosting plans without a maintenance agreement are also available for clients interested in performing their own site maintenance. There is a $100/year administrative fee associated with this plan. This fee will be waived for clients who have purchased an Annual Retainer Agreement.

Basic *


For websites receiving up to


monthly page views

or 25,000 monthly visits


Custom / vanity domains

Performance Small **


For websites receiving up to


monthly page views

or 25,000 monthly visits


Custom / vanity domains

Performance Medium **


For websites receiving up to


monthly page views

or 50,000 monthly visits


Custom / vanity domains

Performance Large **


For websites receiving up to


monthly page views

or 150,000 monthly visits


Custom / vanity domains

Performance Extra Large **


For websites receiving up to

1.5 million

monthly page views

or 300,000 monthly visits


Custom / vanity domains

Elite **


For websites receiving


monthly page views

or 20 million monthly visits


Custom / vanity domains

NOTE: Requires Advanced Global CDN implementation, a $500/year fee.

* Basic hosting plans are not eligible to use SolrRedis, or New Relic features on their Pantheon sites, though they are made available in Sandbox mode on all hosting tiers for development purposes.

** SolrRedis, or New Relic services are available for all Performance and Elite plans.

Please visit Pantheon’s pricing page for a more detailed plan feature comparison.

Custom Pricing And Bundles

Any of the above service packages can be combined or customized to fit your project’s needs. Contact us to learn more about how we can work with you.

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