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Rutgers Web Consulting Services (WCS) is a non-profit, fee-for-service in-house team of website and web application developers working for the Rutgers community. We’ve helped departments all over Rutgers create their own modern web presence. Need an appealing, easy-to-use website or web application that fits your budget? We’ve got you here at WCS.

Our Process

1. Discovery

Every project begins with a proposal from a client. Before getting to work, we first take time to explore what's already out there by performing competitive analyses, content inventories, and other types of industry research. Only once the team and client both fully understand the scope and intent of the project do we move forward into design.

2. Design

In the design phase, we identify exactly which functions the system needs to perform, the tools we need to implement them, and how to present the end result to the user in an an accessible, visually pleasing way.

3. Development

The development phase consists of the project’s actual implementation. After designing our blueprint for the site or application, we use various tools to bring the design to life. Development can include programming, visual asset creation, implementing backend systems, and more.

4. Launch

The launch phase might sound like a matter of just pressing a button, but there are several vital steps involved. We run our final tests for cross-platform compatibility, and double check to make sure everything's running smoothly on both the front and back ends. It's only once the project meets client approval that we launch efficiently and with no content left behind.

5. Maintenance

Our service doesn't end once the client's site or application goes live. In accordance with our various maintenance plans, we'll continue to perform vital security and plugin updates, and will be available to fix any bugs that might emerge post-launch.